Monday, May 22, 2006

freshly sharpened

A long-time member of my sidebar's blogroll, The Sharpener is a group blog that pools the talents of about 30 political writers.

They cover a broad range of perspectives, yet aims to have a consistently intelligent, informed approach. It means you get to read stuff by people who you don't necessarily agree with and really test your (and their) thinking.

I've been flattered by being invited aboard the good ship Sharpener.

I just published my inaugral post there, Seeing Red, about Bono's consume-to-give Red campaign. Bono edited a promotional issue of The Independent last Tuesday, whose message can be summed up in a line from the Zane Lowe interview Bono included; 'The only thing people who are trying to make a difference can do is work alongside corporations.'

In order to keep the discussion in one place, posts on The Sharpener are not cross-posted on the author's own blog. However, I will always put a notice here whenever I post there.

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