Thursday, August 25, 2005

hey joe

Harry Hutton's posted pictures of the International Festival of Youth and Students, a young communist/socialist shindig in Caracas.

There are some interesting choices of T-shirt adorning those attending. One saying Kein Sex mit Nazis - 'no sex with Nazis' - certainly seems to have found a motto to live by.

Others, however, are more questionable.

Bearing in mind that a T-shirt is a mass-produced item there must be hundreds, perhaps thousands, of people who walk around wearing one of these.


Anonymous said...

I'm not suggesting that you're wrong in your assumptions about the number produced of any given t-shirt, but what this makes me think is: do people often wear t-shirts with images or slogans they don't agree with in some manner?

scarletharlot69 said...

hey Merrick, why not sit back and relax with a double vodka or 3, put Paul Robeson singing the anthem of the Soviet Union on cd and imagine the men and women with huge shiny biceps marching forward over the wreckage of capitailism to a sunlit beautiful future in a workers paradise flowing with soya milk and engevita.

Or there again maybe not....

Some people would not see the Gulags.

Likesay Stalin and stalinism where the creation of the Bolsheviks.

Solid and fluffy


merrick said...

tango-mango - whilst I'm sure some people do wear T-shirts ironcally or in other non-literal ways (very few swastika wearing punks were Nazis, for example), the chap in this picture was spoken to about it and started talking about how Stalin 'maintained the character of the Soviet Union after Lenin died' and suchlike. Lord help us.