Saturday, June 04, 2005

nepalese paper & whoopee cushions

Inverie is a tiny village on the west coast of Scotland. It's as remote as you can get on the British mainland. It's a two day walk from the nearest road across the Knoydart peninsula to Inverie. Those who don't do the trek over land come from the west come by boat from Mallaig.

Once in Inverie you'll find The Old Forge, the remotest pub in Britain.

There is one shop in the village. It's a Post Office and general store. Want to see the view from the Inverie shop window? Click here to see the latest webcam image.

Despite being the only retail outlet for many many miles around, it only opens four hours a day, three days a week. There isn't the demand for more (though if you knock at other times they'll usually let you in).

As is to be expected for a shop serving a very small and very remote community, it only sells the bare essentials, as the sign outside shows.


scarletharlot69 said...

Merrick! how did you find this one out?

must confess haven't been to any source of habitation anything like as remote.

those I have in wales and scotland, such as the highest village in Scotland have been a bit more pedestrian.

a general store in the wilds of camarthanshire sold only 3 lines of alchohol. I bought a bottle of vodka (vladivar vodka made in varrington if I remember rightly, which I probably don't), forget what the other 2 where.


merrick said...

how did you find this one out?

I have intrepid friends who did walk the mountains and glens across Knoydart in search of a god whoopee cushion...

Anonymous said...

Hi from the Knoydart Shopkeeper. Just to let you know that I only have green whoopee cushions left, and have thus reduced the price to 99p. Or five for £4.50. Best regards, Tommy.

merrick said...

Hey Tommy,

surely if the stock is running low you could put the price up! There'd be higher competition for them from the shoppers, and they're unlikely to take their business elsewhere in protest.

Anonymous said...

A bunch of us are planning to have a (fairly big) wander round Knoydart in a few weeks time. We were hoping we might be able to stock up on hiking grub at the shop. Any idea which three days of the week the shop is open?!

merrick said...

Trillion, I've no idea which three days. Having a quick shufty at the shop's site, i can't find the info there, nor an email address to ask.

Try directory inquiries for the shop, surely they'll have a phone.

Hope you have a fab time. Say hello to some deer for me.

Anonymous said...

Cheers for the reply.

This site has a phone number in the facilities and services section:

So I'll give that a go tomorrow.

Deer would be brilliant. A little more concerned about the midgies!