Thursday, September 30, 2004

helping daftness overtake the bnp

Harry Hutton's writing is bright and funny. I'd instantly warm to anyone whose blog had entries titled My iPod is a glorified herd of cows, Open letter to Meatloaf and How to say "Death to America!" in Arabic (Click back next week and I’ll tell you the Arabic for "Moderate progress within the bounds of the law."), and a vote-online poll asking You are trapped on a desert island with the Spice Girls. Food and rum have run out. Which Spice Girl do you eat first?

(Incidentally, Baby Spice is winning at the time of writing - jesus people, obviously you go for Geri or Mel C first, much more available nutriment per cadaver surely?)

But worthy as all that is, none of it is what's prompted me to be telling you about him.

Thing is, because of a blog entry he did about the BNP, he found that if you stuck "British National Party" into Google then his blog came up 23rd. So he started a concerted campaign to become number one, above the actual proper site of the racist scumpigs themselves.

Google, like all search engines, keep their methods very secret; their formula for calculating the relevance of a site is everything to them, it's the equivalent of Coca Cola jealously guarding their recipe and not having more than twelve living people knowing it (though I'd guess each 330ml can contains half a can of sugar, 75ml of battery acid, topped up to the brim with random industrial effluent. I may be a little out on the exact proportions).

What's certain is Google constantly sweeps the net and basically regards a link to a site as a vote for that site. So the more links, the higher up the list you get.

The campaign's working, Harry's blog's already up to 4th place for British National Party. Here's another little nudge: British National Party


Anonymous said...

Hello sweetie,

Surely Baby Spice would have more tender meat than ol' Geri! Yes, there'd be less of her but you wouldn't have to chew so hard thereby saving precious energy...

Just off to post the excellent Nazi thing on my own blog

Much love

merrick said...

It all depends on which era Geri you're eating. On the presumption that the reference to Spice Girls means it's Spice Girl Geri, I'd say she had plenty of soft chewiness.

Agreed, the present Geri doesn't have much to nibble at and would probably be last on the list.

The 'more chewing/more exertion' thing I suspect is erroneous - I nominate Mel C precisely because she is more muscular - the extra chewing would be rewarded by the density of the nutritional content, giving more calories per mouthful.

Anonymous said...

I'll stop right now. Could say far to much and make myself look like a twat. But chewing on Geri Halliwell...... I'll get my coat...

Anonymous said...

sorry, just noticed in my last message that i used "to" instead of "too".. just can't let these things lie..standards...RA